Privacy Policy

  1. By accepting COLD & OLD GAMES Privacy Policy, customers consent to collection, use and disclosure of their non personal and personal information described below. This privacy policy is accepted when customer registers for an account or installs a game developed by COLD & OLD GAMES. Collection, use and disclosure of non- personal and personal information and this Privacy Policy are enforced by US law.
  2. Non–personal information is sometimes collected but only technical information about the customer´s, mobile device , including IP Address, mobile device ID, username, user ID, feature usage, scores and achievements.
  3. COLD & OLD GAMES collects non–personal information when customers use online products and services and/or play games on mobile devices. Non–personal information may be collected by COLD & OLD GAMES’s own tools or through third party technologies in order to analyze data for marketing and customer retention strategies.
  4. COLD & OLD GAMES will never share customer´s personally identifiable information with third parties without customer´s consent.